TANA Mobile Waste Shredder Gives Agon Pacific a Foothold in Thailand’s Growing Waste-to-Energy Market

Thailand is responding to the growing demand for electricity with a network of small Waste-to-Energy (W2E) plants. Agon Pacific’s TANA 440DT mobile waste shredder produces fuel for one of these W2E plants from factory-rejected car tires that are unfit for road use. In Prachinburi, Thailand, a yellow TANA 440DT mobile shredder swallows rejected tyres and […]

Nouveau Monde and Lithion Recycling Sign a Collaboration Agreement to Recycle Graphite for Reuse as Anode Material for Batteries

Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. (“Nouveau Monde” or the “Company”) and Lithion Recycling (“Lithion”) are pleased to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement (the “Agreement”) for the recovery and value-added transformation of recycled graphite for reuse as anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The Agreement will leverage Nouveau Monde’s and Lithion’s proprietary processes and expertise to […]

Collection of Flexible Packaging Waste Is Central to Achieving a Circular Economy Says CEFLEX

A collaboration of European companies, associations and organisations representing the entire value chain have agreed a common position on the essentials for collecting flexible packaging waste in a circular economy. This position statement is part of an ongoing alignment on key issues being undertaken by the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CELFEX). The process combines […]

Extending the Scope of Shredders for Plastics Recycling with a Flexible Cutting System

Modern plastics come in all shapes and sizes, and are used in countless applications. The different materials must be, for example, particularly tear-resistant in terms of ropes or nets, withstand great pressures in the case of pallets and similar, or keep their shape as for cladding parts. The underlying parameters are mechanical properties such as […]

North America Solid Waste Management Market to See a Tremendous Rise Through 2026

The North America solid waste management market will be prominently driven by rising investments toward R&D activities and competitive pricing for enabling a sustainable waste disposal ecosystem. Growing focus towards sustainable disposal management in North America coupled with ongoing government initiatives for the same, has extensively increased the adoption of solid waste management practices in […]

The Blockchain Principle for Recycling Paper Cups in Russia

Big cities like takeaway drinks. At the same time, paper cups are practically not recycled all over the world. Many people think that paper cups are unrecyclable due to organic residues and a plastic layer inside, but actually, it is not valid. Recyclers can deal with organic residues and plastic lamination in different ways. One […]

China’s Policy Shift Implies Major Repercussions for Steel Scrap Flows

Objectives enshrined in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan include cutting domestic crude steel production capacity and boosting the use of scrap-intensive electric arc furnaces over the more traditional blast furnace route. China’s policy shift implies “reducing its reliance on iron ore and increasing its consumption of imports such as scrap and steel billets”, observed Lee Allen, […]

Steinert Waste Recycling: Live

On 30 June 2021, join the “STEINERT Waste Recycling: LIVE” and discover more about the company’s solutions and reference projects – live from the new waste sorting line at the STEINERT test centre. Taking example and several references from customers within the commercial waste and post-consumer package sectors, STEINERT will present the opportunities and challenges […]

International Environment Council: Revision of EU Shipment Regulations Could Pose Serious Export Threat

The European Commission is considering changes to EU waste shipment regulations that could prove to be of “tremendous importance” and potentially highly damaging to export flows of many recycling materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recovered paper and plastics, the latest online meeting of the BIR’s International Environment Council (IEC) was warned yesterday by its […]

BIR’s 2020 Annual Report: Quickly Adapting to the Challenge of New Realities

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) today releases its 2020 Annual Report that highlights key recycling industry developments and data as well as the organization’s activities on behalf of its membership. The report is launched during the opening address delivered by BIR President Tom Bird at the start of the 2021 online World Recycling Convention […]