When Davos promises, who pays?

No doubt many good intentions will be put to bed at Davos this week. Sustainability, climate change, plastic pollution, mental health and much more will all be discussed, debated and deliberated upon. Commitments will be made, targets set, goals agreed. But considering the fact that there is already a persistent $2.5 trillion annual financing gap […]

Global Waste Recycling and Circular Economy Markets

According to the Irish market research store Research And Markets, a new report regarding the global waste recycling and circular economy market outlook for 2019 offers opportunities for effective business models and disruptive applications. The global market revenue is set to increase from 354.7 billion US-Dollar in last year to 376.9 billion US-Dollar in 2019. […]

Tidy Planet with Exclusive Distribution Partner in Norway

The provider of on-site organic waste solutions, Tidy Planet, has expanded into Scandinavia, appointing Norwegian waste management firm Berekraft for Alle as the company’s latest distribution partner. Translated into English as ‘sustainability for all,’ Berekraft for Alle is a start-up company on Norway’s west coast, which specializes in the procurement of equipment for water purification, […]

Petcore Europe Launches Special Industry Group “PET Monomer Recycling”

The goal is enhancing the circularity of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). Petcore Europe, the association representing the complete PET value chain in Europe since 1993, has launched the Special Industry Group (SIG) “PET Monomer Recycling” because this innovative way “opens a completely new perspective on how to deal with the concerns about plastics and plastic waste”. […]

A New Water Reuse Project

Suez North America operates and manages Nassau County’s wastewater system, which is – according to the information – the largest public-private partnership for water and wastewater services in the United States of America. The project, completed in July 2019, cost approximately 1.1 million US-Dollar, paid entirely by Suez. By reusing treated plant effluent, the Cedar […]

A Century of Joest

100 years ago, German machine manufacturer Joest was founded. The company, headquartered in Duelmen, produces machines for conveying, screening, and sifting of bulk materials for customers around the globe. Foundries, steel mills, smelters, quarries and gold mines, but also pharmaceutical companies as well as the food and the recycling industry rely on the machines and […]

BIR unveils redesigned website to promote global recycling industry

Today, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has launched its new website www.bir.org after a major redesign in order to enhance its information services for its members, the public, the media and political decisionmakers. The new website highlights the important role that the global recycling industry plays for economy and environment and provides valuable market […]

BIAL Takes the Lead in Waste Management, Plastics Recycling Efforts

Lakshminarayanan S, Vice-President, Engineering & Maintenance, Bangalore International Airport Ltd discusses the importance of creating awareness regarding waste generation at the airports with Worldofchemicals. He also mentions the efforts of BIAL towards plastics recycling, an initiative to build internal roads at Bangalore Airport. Mention the concerns and issues regarding solid waste generated at the airports. […]

‘We need to have more Waste to Energy projects in India’

S Sampath, Chairman, National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI) South India Chapter & Director, Samki Group, Hyderabad discusses the importance of managing solid waste in India with Worldofchemicals. What are the concerns regarding solid waste and municipal solid waste management in India? Also give us an idea about the concerns in South India. Municipal […]

How to Be a RecyclingHero this Holiday Season

Five top tips for an environmentally friendly winter season. The Global Recycling Foundation (the organisation behind Global Recycling Day, which takes place annually on 18th March) is calling on people across the globe to put the planet first this festive season and be a #RecyclingHero when it comes to gift wrapping, decorations and more. It […]