Molinari: Shredders and Granulator “Made in Italy”

At Ecomondo 2019, which takes place in Rimini (Italy) from 5th to 8th November, the Italian manufacturer of recycling machinery, Molinari, will present its portfolio. The company provides a complete range of shredders and granulators, “able to face any challenge of shredding”. According to the manufacturer, these machines “have been designed to treat various types […]

Indian Circular Economy Award for Saahas

Indian non-profit company Saahas has won the Indian Circular Economy Award 2019 under the category “Not for Profit“. The Indian Circular Economy Award, which was launched by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is India’s exclusive awards program on Circular Economy to identify and reward organizations and individuals in India that […]

Perfect Shredding with the Komptech Terminator

With the Terminator, Komptech offers the ideal machine for the defined preshredding of waste for recycling or thermal reclamation. It is very tough, contrary-resistant and highly flexible – qualities that make this universal shredder successful in a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, waste needs to be shredded before it can undergo further processing, whether […]

AMCS: A Complete Waste Management Solution

AMCS provides an enterprise grade cloud and software platform to help waste and recycling companies worldwide profit from the circular economy since 2004. The company, with offices in 22 countries, offers a single digital platform that combines an industry-specific back-end (ERP) software, mobile technology, route optimization, digital engagement, and analytics. Moreover, the company’s digital technology […]

CDEnviro Presents Solutions at Ecomondo 2019

Waste management company CDEnviro will share its expertise in landfill diversion, technologies, methodologies and circular economy practices when it is taking part at the green expo in Rimini for the first time. CDEnviro will be joining its international peers to support and share circular economy innovation when it exhibits at this year’s Ecomondo 2019 Show […]

Tecnoidea Impianti: A Closed-Cycle Water Depuration System Made in Italy

Since day one, the company Tecnoidea Impianti, an acronym for Tecnologia Impianti di Depurazione Acqua, has focused on the design and production of plants for water purification and the treatment of sludge. Nowadays, the Italian-based company stands out due to over 30 years of know-how, world-wide applied innovative solutions and steady creativity. Nevertheless, GLOBAL RECYCLING […]

ERI: Making the World a Better Place, One Electronic Device at a Time

ERI processes electronic waste in an environmentally responsible way in eight certified locations serving every zip code in the United States. Apart from IT and electronics asset disposition services, data destruction and cybersecurity the company continues to follow its “Green is Good” motto and maintains a core commitment to sustainability and the environment. Empowered by […]

Panizzolo Recycling: End of Waste Treatment for Armored Cable (SWA)

At the end of its cycle, the armored cable becomes a tricky waste to be introduced into the recycling system. The classic plants are not designed to process this kind of waste. Unlike normal electric cables, there is an iron foil under the sheath, while the central part can be made of copper or aluminum. […]

Handling Batteries from Hybrid and Electric Cars

The Dutch company ARN Recycling exists since 1995 and is mainly involved in the recycling of vehicles. However, since 2008 and due to the introduction of new regulations that came along with the “Battery Management Decree (Bbb)” – which addressed the management of batteries – the firm from the Netherlands is also highly engaged in […]

Spanish Ecotic Utilizes Sourcing Platform to Manage WEEE Materials

Ecotic, a private Spanish non-profit Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management organization, has processed more than 97,000 tons of waste in 2018, leveraging the sourcing platform of USA based management company Jaggaer. The organization collects and recycles – in response to the legal requirements on producers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment – […]