New Heavy Duty Scales

The British scales manufacturer, Marsden Weighing Machine Group Limited, has launched a new range of heavy duty platform scales, suited to weighing heavily-laden pallets, roll cages and dolavs.

The scales in the new ‘5T’ range have a capacity of five tons and are reinforced for extra strength in order to withstand the increased load, the provider informed. Previously, Marsden’s highest capacity off-the-shelf platform scales were only available up to 3,000 kilograms (kg). Platform scales with a higher capacity were only built on demand. “With the 5,000 kg capacity scales now available off-the-shelf, customers can order before one pm and receive their scale next day,” the company assures. According to Marsden, the scale of type P-JIK-5T is built for recording and printing weight data, with an RS-232 port fitted to connect the scale to a PC. The model P-DI-620P-5T-APP has an inbuilt printer, perfect for SOLAS weighing and it is Trade Approved. The type P-I-400-5T is designed for simple check weighing, with an easy to use indicator and a big, bright LED display, the provider informs.

Photo: Marsden Weighing Machine Group Limited

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