Canada: New Integrated Producer Responsibility Organization

Ryse Solutions Inc. is Canada’s first fully integrated producer responsibility organization offering compliance services and material recovery solutions as well as advice under one umbrella, according to the company’s information.

As reported, Ryse Solutions Inc. is already up and running to deliver integrated solutions to producers, manufacturers, packaging suppliers, importers, distributors and retailers of products and packaging materials that are obligated under producer responsibility regulations across North America. The company has access to an end-of-life product and packaging management infrastructure through partnerships with Emterra Group, Circular Polymers Group, Emterra Tire Recycling and other organizations.

“In addition to regulatory compliance, the new company will be able to use its network to help its customers identify and meet their own recycling and sustainability targets,” the company announced. Ontario’s new used tire regulation, set to take effect in 2019, would be an example of changes in the producer responsibility policy framework that is pushing companies to look at how they conduct their businesses in a more sustainable way – reducing and reusing material inputs and external outputs – while complying with regulatory obligations.

GR 2/2018