New Zealand: New Facility for Tire Recycling

Waste Management New Zealand Limited has realized a new tire recycling facility in Wiri, Auckland.

With support from the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimization Fund, the company has invested in new tire processing equipment from the United States, expanding the processing capacity of the existing plant by 250 percent. “This will lead to the shredding of 30,000 tons per annum or three million car tires,” a press release informed.

Some 60,000 tons of tire waste is generated annually in New Zealand from 4.2 million cars and trucks. According to Waste Management, its processing facility provides a local solution for these tires, with the shredded material being supplied for re-use in manufacturing as tire-derived fuel (TDF), reducing waste stockpiling and turning a discarded resource into energy. The company plans to open another tire recycling facility in the South Island in late 2019.

Photo: O. Kürth

GR 2/2018