Ecological Technologies Made in Finland

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and the Town of Nokia are to study the use of bio-based carbon dioxide as a raw material in the ECO3 business park, which is dedicated to bio-economy and circular economy.

ECO3’s potential for innovative circular economy concepts (Graphics: Town of Nokia)

The aim of VTT’s and Nokia’s joint venture is to study the financial viability of various carbon dioxide recycling solutions in Nokia’s ECO3 business park. “The solutions to be explored focus on the use of bio-based carbon dioxide in the production of liquid and gaseous fuels and as a raw material for chemicals,” VTT gave account.

The goal is for the experiments with bio-based carbon dioxide to create conditions for finding potential investors as well as various kinds of demonstrations. The Town of Nokia’s development subsidiary Verte Ltd was pooling interested and suitable partners to participate in the project. A report on the project is due to be published in the spring of 2019.

“There are already examples of new business based on the use of carbon dioxide to produce, for example, fuels, construction materials, plastics and chemicals elsewhere in the world. Interest in new ways to use carbon dioxide has grown considerably both in Finland and globally. Nokia’s ECO3 business park has potential in terms of both the recovery and use of carbon dioxide”, VTT’s Senior Scientist Janne Kärki was cited who is responsible for coordinating the project.

The ECO3 business park

ECO3 is a new kind of industrial-scale, multi-sector bio-economy and circular economy competence center in the Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park in Nokia. It is both a nationally important competence center and a demonstration and piloting environment, which the Town of Nokia and its development subsidiary Verte Ltd are developing in collaboration with local businesses and universities. According to the homepage, investing companies are welcome “that drive further growth, and their networks of sub-contractors, as well as innovative companies that want to internationalize”. As reported, the area is suitable for all companies interested in developing the bio-, water- and circular economies; the nutrient cycle; biomass products; renewable energy production and technology or the wood- and forest-based business.,

Graphics: Town of Nokia

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