Befesa Expands its Recycling Services into China

Befesa S.A., a leading European company regarding steel dust and aluminum salt slags recycling services, has signed an agreement with the Jiangsu Changzhou Economic Zone to develop its recycling services business in China.

According to Befesa, the company will acquire the land use right in the Chinese city of Changzhou to build its first electric arc furnace (EAF) dust recycling plant in the country. With this step, Befesa confirms its entry into the Chinese market. The plant in development is designed to recycle 110,000 tons of EAF dust per year and will represent the company’s seventh EAF steel dust recycling site globally, along with the existing sites in Europe, Turkey and South Korea.

The ramp-up of the operations is expected for the second half of 2020. China is considered as the largest steel producer in the world, with more than 800 million tons of crude steel per year, representing around 50 percent of global production. By 2030, the People’s Republic of China is expected to produce more than 200 million tons of EAF steel. In addition, environmental protection has become a key priority for the Chinese Government. Steel dust was officially classified as a hazardous waste material in 2016.

Photo: Dr. Jürgen Kroll

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