Danish AffaldPlus Signed Contract for European RDF

In the coming three years, Geminor will deliver a total of 150,000 tons of secondary fuels to Danish energy producer AffaldPlus.

The recently signed agreement between both companies will commence in January 2020, according to the Norway-based provider. Geminor will annually deliver 50,000 tons of Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF) from countries such as the UK, Italy and Germany, and the logistics will mainly consist of bulk shipments – but also train and road transport. AffaldPlus is owned by six municipalities on the island of Sjælland. In addition to receiving and handling waste from the municipalities, it produces electricity and district heating at its plant in Næstved. Geminor will deliver about one third of the total annual secondary fuels burned in the incinerator at AffaldPlus.


(GR 32019, Page 12, Photo: Geminor)