Tehnix: Planet Earth Is our Common Home

Ecology is a science that deals with the protection of the planet. Sustainable development is achieved by the application of circular economy.

Đuro Horvat, CEO of the company Tehnix, expert for development of new tech­nologies for sustainable development (Photo: Tehnix)

European Union policy combines theory and practice to the fullest possible extent to develop and apply technologies and practical solutions that, in stopping climate change, can produce the best results in achieving circular economy’s goals. The pollution of planet Earth by human beings and their activities is already causing a significant rise of global warming. The uncontrolled development of industry and transport has led to a climate change that we can no longer control sustainably. Nature rebels, protests in the same way as our body does infected by fever. It alerts us that we were doing something wrong. Immoral capitalism has neglected the sustainable development of the Planet.

The increase of contagious diseases caused by climate change is a consequence of man’s neglect of natural laws. For almost 50 years, I have been actively watching for changes in nature. 30 years ago, I founded Tehnix, an eco-industry together with my associates and experts, and I sought to develop technologies that can significantly contribute to sustainable development and achieve the goals of the circular economy.

I am happy that our company is nowadays known for its sustainable development. We produce solar energy on the roofs of production facilities sufficient for the business and technological process. All waste is recycled. We have developed and are using a recycling system for wastewater treatment. Today, Tehnix is a leading eco-industry in Europe and worldwide. We produce 300 types of products that significantly contribute to environmental protection and the goals of the circular economy. We employ 500 people, experts, and engineers who, together with me, develop products for a sustainable future. We cooperate with several scientific institutions of the Republic of Croatia and started various cooperations with EU institutions and experts. We are generating new products and technologies needed for a prospective sustainable planet. By investing in our product development and new technologies, we have achieved over 50 patents and hundreds of innovations needed for global industrial growth. We have designed the best-in-class technology for the industrial recycling of mixed municipal waste called MO-BO-TO, which completely recycles the waste and achieves circular economy.

Graphic: Tehnix

Of course, I am worried about how the system of managing used products and waste materials works today. First and foremost, companies that have developed their products must provide a recycling system for used products by replacing the old by new ones, using valuable materials, a new design and new technological solutions for the novel features. Tehnix implements such an environmental measure together with its customers, achieving a circular economy. I think it is important to ban the construction of landfills for any kind of waste, especially municipal waste. Positive examples in developed countries of the European Union confirm that it is possible to recycle – to sort raw materials from waste according to useful values and return them to the new industrial cycle of sustainable production.

Tehnix has processed a new type of technology that enables the complete recycling of municipal waste. We have evolved a new technology called MO-BO-TO. It is applicable everywhere in the world regardless of the stage of development. The typical advantages of such technologies are the complete recycling of mixed municipal waste without using landfills, the ease of collecting dry mixed municipal waste, requiring fewer vehicles and drivers, fewer landfills in cities, around buildings, and in tourist centers. With MO-BO-TO technology we get eight types of raw materials, eco compost, and – it is especially important to note – quality RDF fuel.

Graphic: Tehnix

So far, the waste management model in Croatia is harmful as well as impracticable, and a lot of financial resources have been spent on little environmental results. Moreover, enormous damage has been done to citizens and the environment. Yes, it is right, landfills are planet Earth’s cancer. These projects are harmful to human beings and the environment. Funding for such projects has developed enormous amounts of corruption. It is only through new technologies that we can realize a far better model for a sustainable planet Earth – more quickly and cheaper.

Tehnix, with its development potential and new technologies, can help. We are committed to build, process and finance those systems that deliver the best practical results. By connecting scientific communities and the eco industry, we can create and apply sustainable development systems and achieve the circular economy’s goals in industrial development.


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