USA: Recycling of Coal Mine Equipment

The metal division of Land Betterment Corporation can clean up the environment by entering into a partnership to recycle retired coal railcars and old coal mine infrastructure.

As reported, it has entered into a multiyear agreement with a “third party scrap metal company”. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, the company will allocate certain areas of its Jasonville (Indiana) property to receive, store, and process retired coal railcars to be recycled and reused for alternative, modern purposes.

Additionally, the partner “will have the ability to assist Land Betterment expedite the reclamation of the old Gold Star coal mine (formerly known as the Landree Mine) through processing metal infrastructure, once used at the mine, to be recycled and to further accelerate the Company’s sustainable community development project slated to be built on this site”. Land Betterment is in the process of a major environmental remediation and repurposing project at the former Landree Mine, which was bought through an asset purchase in August 2019 from an insolvent hedge fund.

(GR22020, Page 35, Photo: KarinKarin / Pixabay)