Russia: 25 Waste-to-Energy Facilities

The Russian state development corporation Vnesheconombank (VEB.RF) as well as the state corporations Rostec and Rosatom have signed an agreement to build at least 25 municipal solid waste-to-energy plants.

The total cost of the project is estimated at 600 billion Russian Rubles (more than eight billion US-Dollar); one-third of the amount will be contributed by VEB.RF. According to media reports, the construction of the 25 waste-to-energy plants would prevent 81 landfills. Russia generates over 60 million tons of communal waste per year; this figure grows roughly three percent per year, online publication informed. The Moscow region alone, with 17 million inhabitants in the city and suburbs, would create over eight million tons of waste.

(GR32020, Page 8, Photo: Evgeni Tcherkasski / Pixabay)