Pilot Plug and Play Recycling Facility in Dubai

End of June this year, Proteco – a division of Singapore based company Yes Full Circle (YFC) – has launched a pilot facility that provides integrated brand protection, secure destruction and closed-loop/zero-landfill recycling solutions.

According to the company, the facility uses proprietary technology to provide full traceability to confirm and validate the destruction and recycling process. “The audit trail is stored on Green Secure, a secure blockchain platform, enabling traceability from the point of collection to the final endpoint of material post destruction.”

The pilot facility is the only one of its kind in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with seven different technologies that are designed to process a variety of materials ranging from consumer over industrial goods to counterfeit and confiscated goods, YFC emphasized. “In addition, it is a unique service with the capability to provide both onsite and offsite brand protection/destruction services.” Furthermore, it was capable of same-day live stream destruction. “The second phase of the facility involves the use of extended digitization, artificial intelligence, and robotics, resulting in further game-changing innovation, both upstream and downstream.”

Yes Full Circle intends to launch eight more facilities across the Middle East, including three in the UAE alone. A significantly larger circular economy/closed-loop facility was expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2021, the company underlined.

YFC has regional offices in Singapore, India and the United Arab Emirates. Backed by Singaporean investors and family offices, it leverages its experience and technology to roll out circular economy solutions. As reported, in Dubai, its Proteco division provides zero-landfill brand protection services. Moreover, in India, it has begun the rollout of tech platforms supporting circular economy ecosystem development across four cities in two states in a phased manner.


(GR32020, Page 37, Photo: Judith Scharnowski / Pixabay)