Baerlocher to Feature Additive Solutions for the Circular Economy at the 2021 SPE International Polyolefins Conference

The company will present new test results on stabilization of PCR content to improve quality and help meet growing demand for recycled content in end-use applications

Baerlocher, a leading global supplier of plastics additives, will highlight the contributions of its advanced resin stabilization technology (RST) to the circular economy at the virtual 2021 SPE International Polyolefins Conference, from Feb. 23-24, through the company’s virtual exhibit and presentation on Feb. 23. As a Gold event sponsor, the company will exhibit detailed information on Baeropol® T-Blend stabilizers, based on Baerlocher’s RST platform, which can help increase the percentage of recycled content that can be successfully incorporated in extrusion blow molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles and polyethylene (PE) film.

Baerlocher USA’s presentation, titled “Advances in Extrusion Blow Molding of Post-consumer Resin,” will focus on the use of stabilization to prevent thermal and oxidative degradation of polyolefins during both the mechanical recycling and molding processes. During the presentation, Baerlocher USA’s Technical Specialist Ian Query will discuss the results of a rigorous Baerlocher study on early stabilization of post-consumer polyolefin materials to preserve their mechanical properties, improve process stability and enhance end-product quality. The presentation will be posted on the event portal on Feb 16 and viewers will be able to submit questions electronically between 2:00-4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) on Feb. 23, when speakers will be available to respond.

“Baerlocher’s long-term commitment to the greater sustainability of plastic materials is aimed at making the circular economy a near-term reality,” said Andreas Holzner, global SPA business head, Baerlocher. “Our approach is based on strategic collaborations with technology companies, polyolefin producers, machinery suppliers, converters, brand owners and industry associations to promote mechanical recycling by stabilizing recyclates. For example, we offer custom stabilization formulations and can work directly with recyclers to stabilize post-consumer resins. These and other initiatives aim to expand the use of recycled polyolefins by improving their quality and consistency.”

Proven Material Performance
Baerlocher USA gives its customers a strong competitive edge through its superior technologies and technical customer support. The company’s Baeropol® RST, a family of customizable additive blends that work synergistically with phenolic antioxidants to stabilize polyolefin resins, can facilitate recycling in several ways. These additives can help increase the amount of cost-effective recycled content incorporated in resin and film without impacting performance and appearance. They can stabilize low-value consumer film waste during high-temperature melt filtration, enabling the film to be upcycled into a product suitable for reuse in blown film. This technology is also valuable for improving the color of recycled content.

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Source: Baerlocher (Munich, Germany, February, 22, 2021)