Patented Coal-Displacement Fuel Technology

Key patents were granted in several countries of the world as Ecogensus expands solutions for the circular economy.

According to USA-based Ecogensus, a technology company in the resource recovery and waste management industry, it has been granted patents in several countries, including a patent for its proprietary coal-displacement fuel in Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Argentina. Furthermore, the American firm has a portfolio of five issued patents in the United States covering its fuel, process, system and process vessel design. Ecogensus also has pending applications across the world and is continuously expanding its intellectual property portfolio. In October last year, the provider reported that the European Patent Office intended to grant a patent for the company’s process of converting solid wastes into fuel (European Patent Application No. 15 854 145.8).

The produced fuel is designed to replace coal
“Ecogensus systems efficiently convert mixed solid wastes, including plastic waste, into a high energy fuel,” the technology firm underlined, pointing at its flagship system. The Model EGS-5000L is a ruggedized, transportable waste conversion system designed for deployment and installation at transfer stations, recycling centers, or directly at the landfill. As reported, it is capable of processing 40,000+ pounds of garbage per day.

The produced fuel is designed to replace coal, including for large volume users such as coal power stations, the homepage describes the advantages. “Ecogensus works with strategic developers, licensees and industry partners, who, in turn, can aggregate supply from multiple facilities.”

By its own account, the company has deep expertise in combustion and plant conversion to alternative fuels.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2021, Page 10, Photo: DeltaMike /