Ukraine: Recycling of Pesticide Packaging Waste

The Ukrainian European Business Association (EBA) announced the launch of a project on the recycling of used packaging.

In Ukraine, the packaging waste of plant protection products is mostly discarded or reused for counterfeiting, the association described the current situation. “These factors significantly increase the risk of environmental pollution and adversely affect human health. In all civilized European countries, this kind of packaging waste is subject to disposal.” To solve this issue, the EBA intends to implement the project “Responsible management of pesticide packaging waste”.

According to the information, it will unite world producers to introduce a European recycling mechanism in Ukraine. Its implementation would increase the volume of collection and recycling of PPPs’ packaging, analyze logistics routes to optimize the collection process, establish communication between all entities, and increase the efficiency of such packaging waste management.

Moreover, it is planned to launch an online platform that will establish and optimize communication processes between market participants and monitor the “life cycle” of containers from the time of use of the pesticide, then when containers are categorized as waste, and until their recycling or disposal.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2021, Page 43, Photo: Philipp Kuhn /