Pronar Opens its Own Exhibition Center in Siemiatycze

Pronar has opened its own Exhibition Center in Siemiatycze (Poland). On the area of 10 hectares and in two halls, the company presents every recycling, agricultural and municipal machine produced currently in Pronar’s 8 factories. Everyone interested in Pronar products in this modern center can not only see them, but also experience them during work.

The symbolic opening of the exhibition center was made by Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, Marshal Artur Kosicki, Voivode Bogdan Paszkowski and the host of the ceremony – President of Pronar Sergiusz Martyniuk, who during his speech introduced the guests to the innovation of the idea behind the creation of such a modern investment.

The PRONAR Exhibition Center consists of two parts. The first is a 10-hectare are with over 100 machines. The second one – two halls dedicated to technology and components. Outside area has been divided into sectors corresponding to the company’s product families: from modern recycling machines (shredders, screens, conveyors, compost turner, channel baling press), through over 130 models of trailers of various designs and purposes, agricultural and municipal machines. Each visitor can get to know the machine thoroughly and then make a decision about buying it.

In two halls there is a permanent exhibition devoted to the key components of machines manufactured by Pronar. Most of the space is reserved to the presentation of the most crucial elements of recycling machines. It shows all types of shafts and breaker beams for shredders, sieves for trommel screens (including the star screen) as well as a vibrating screen and shaft for a compost turner. The section is divided into sectors depending on the type of material processed – wood, green waste, municipal waste, scrap, construction & demolition waste, gravel, coal, soil and rubble. In such a system, each visitor is able to quickly find a suitable solution and adjust the machines and working elements depending on the material they are processing.

Inside the hall there is a special premiere zone, where official presentations of new machines will be organized. Currently, there is a Pronar MPB 20.55gh trommel screen on a hydraulically leveled frame, painted in a premiere, golden color.

The stationary solutions section also has its place in the exhibition center. It is there that an impressive model of stationary lines for the processing of mixed and selectively collected waste is located. It is supplemented by one of the conveyors designed and manufactured by Pronar – typical for this type of line.

Photo: Pronar Sp. z o.o.

The further part of the hall is an exhibition devoted to municipal and agricultural machines, trailers, as well as a demonstration of Pronar’s production power in terms of key machine elements, such as pneumatics and hydraulics, which the company produces not only for its own solutions (e.g. trailers), but also exports to many countries. Separate exhibitions also have sections responsible for the production of steel side profiles (Pronar supplies nearly 90% of the Polish market), plastic elements, axles, gears and track drives (also used in Pronar recycling machines).

The second, smaller hall is entirely devoted to disk wheels used in tractors, combine harvesters, municipal machines and other slow-moving machines. Here you can see the cross-section of the manufactured rims – from 10 inches in diameter to sizes exceeding 50 inches. Pronar, thanks to recent investments, is now the second largest manufacturer of this type of wheels in the world.

In the near future, the Pronar’s exhibition center will be enriched with a unique element – a testing ground. This is where dynamic demonstrations of equipment dedicated to the waste industry will take place. Customers will be able to see Pronar machines during work with various types of material: organic waste, wood, biomass, paper, plastics or bulky waste. The training ground is a unique solution in Europe, and apart from the interest of potential buyers, it will also be used to conduct training in operation, servicing and optimal use of machines.

The exhibition center is now open to anyone interested. Visits should be coordinated with representatives of Pronar. Their list is available at this link.


About Pronar
Pronar is a company with over 30 years of experience. It is a leader in the production of agricultural, recycling and municipal machinery, and disc wheels (second place in the world). driving systems, gears and pneumatic and hydraulic components. All crucial components are manufactured in-house in eight factories. Over 130 engineers work in Pronar designing office. They are supported by results of research conducted by own research and development center. An undoubted advantage of Pronar is its own airfield and a fleet of airplanes used for quick business communication and emergency service cases.

Pronar Recycling team provides solutions supporting widely understood recycling on a daily basis. The company’s advantage is a wide range of machines, which include screens, slow and high-speed shredders, belt conveyors, a compost turner, a channel baling press, as well as complete stationary municipal waste processing installations. Machines work on all continents – in most European countries, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Australia and many others. Everywhere they do their job in the best possible way, working with various materials – municipal waste, wood, compost, earth, gravel, scrap and rubble. Different climatic conditions are also not scary – the Arctic Circle or the Sub-Saharan climate.

The machines are manufactured entirely at the plant in Siemiatycze (Poland). During production numerous hi-tech technologies are used – welding robots, water and laser cutting, as well as automated paint shops. The unique machine park allows us to guarantee short lead times and help eliminate the human factor. Production is carried out in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14007 (Environmental Management System), and AQAP 2110 (NATO Quality Assurances Requirements for Design Development and Production).


Source: Pronar Sp. z o.o. (Poland, June 22, 2021)