Wanted: A Shredder for Hazardous Waste

For the processing of toxic, corrosive and sometimes flammable waste streams, the subsidiary of Vietnamese cement manufacturer Siam City Cement, INSEE Ecocycle in Hon Chong (Kien Giang Province, Vietnam), needed the right shredder.

The company chose a solution from the German-based engineering firm Weima. According to the German provider, INSEE Ecocycle – formerly Geocycle Holcim – is a leading provider of waste management solutions in Vietnam. To meet the challenges posed by climate change, increasing urbanization and dwindling natural resources, the business would specialize in the sustainable treatment of industrial waste as well as hazardous waste. It offers complete solutions for waste assessment and logistics. As a subsidiary of the Siam City Cement Group, the Vietnamese company pursues the goal of producing high-quality building materials. The parent group, which has relied on the Weima brand for several years, is a leading manufacturer of cement and other construction products with headquarters in Bangkok and a network of group companies in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In addition to industrial waste, INSEE Ecocycle processes also hazardous waste at the Vietnamese cement plant in Hon Chong. A major challenge in handling this highly contaminated waste is posed by the aggressive properties of the material. For suitable waste processing as part of the calcination in the rotary kiln, an extremely robust shredding solution is required. For this task in pre-processing, Weima was commissioned to install a robust PowerLine 1500 single-shaft shredder. In order to ensure safety and to shred the particularly critical waste, such as sludge, textiles contaminated with oil, contaminated solid waste and activated carbon, to a homogeneous particle size, a slow speed of 65 rpm (revolutions per minute) is used.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 2/2021, Page 58, Photo: Weima)