The Netherlands: AVR and HaloSep Cooperate

Dutch AVR has signed an agreement with Swedish HaloSep AB to explore the feasibility of locally recycling flue gas treatment material.

The company has decided to evaluate the possibilities to locally manage its hazardous flue gas cleaning residues through partnership with the Swedish firm HaloSep AB, a subsidiary of Stena Metall Group. Its process is a patented solution that turns the hazardous waste into harmless and useful fractions.

By choosing the HaloSep’s solution, AVR in Rotterdam would become more circular by recovering material resources and reducing the plant’s environmental footprint. The HaloSep turns the hazardous waste (fly ash and contaminated acid scrubber liquid) into three fractions: a metal fraction ready for recycling, purified salt brine that can be refined and re-used in the industry and a non-hazardous inorganic product that can be used in construction material.

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 14)