Offtake Agreement for Recycled Styrene Monomer

Indaver and Ineos Styrolution have signed an offtake agreement.

This agreement closes the loop towards a circular economy for polystyrene, Ineos Styrolution, an international leading firm in styrenics, emphasized. It would enable the company to produce polystyrene from recycled feedstock replacing styrene monomer made from fossil feedstock. For that purpose, Indaver (a leading player in the European waste industry) will give Ineos Styrolution access to styrene monomer produced from post-consumer waste at Indaver’s planned depolymerization plant. This facility will be based in Antwerp, Belgium, and start production in 2024. According to the information, the recycled polystyrene will meet stringent food grade specifications.

“The depolymerization technology allows to recycle polystyrene by converting it back into its building block, styrene monomer. Thanks to this process, the recycled material can meet the strict food contact standards. This significantly expands the possibilities for recycling, including polystyrene waste that could previously only be used for conversion into low-value applications.”

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2022, Page 23, Photo: Indaver)