“Next Generation” Loaders for Different Tasks

Caterpillar has presented the next generation of Cat 926, 930 and 938 wheel loaders.

The machines offer a range of new technologies and features designed to boost productivity by simplifying machine operations. “Adding flexibility by design, the versatile Cat small wheel loaders offer industry-specific configurations to efficiently handle agriculture, waste, forestry, aggregate and snow removal applications,” Caterpillar underlined. “Customized models can be equipped directly from the factory or through aftermarket upgrade kits installed by a Cat dealer.”

As reported, the Cat exclusive adaptive engine RPM (revolutions per minute) feature would automatically adjust engine speed based on operator input to optimize productivity and minimize fuel burn. Systems were optimized and sized to run at standard lower engine RPM. The productive and efficient 1,200- to 1,500-RPM working range would make the loaders more fuel efficient, while larger pumps run at slower speeds for less wear and longer service life.

Furthermore, these new wheel loaders feature four customized powertrain operating modes:

  • Utility mode: designed for hydromechanical tool use or pick-and-place work with implemented power and quick speed, utility vehicle mode delivers fine ground speed control with engine RPM throttle lock.
  • Torque mode: saves up to five percent on fuel by “freewheeling” around corners and on downhills.
  • Hystat mode: provides engine braking with aggressive deceleration, acceleration and no travel until the throttle is applied.
  • Ice mode: for snow-clearing applications, ice mode offers soft directional shifts and extended coast-out for improved control.

As per the information provided by the manufacturer, the new Cat 926, 930 and 938 also score with improved safety and efficient operation due to the customizable in-cab display, which delivers an easy view of operating parameters and service savings.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 55, Photo: Caterpillar)