Producing Low Copper Shred for Steel Mills

According to Eriez, the manufacturer’s Shred1 Ballistic Separator is propelling shredder yards to greater profitability with the power to capitalize on the surging demand for low-copper shred from steelmakers.

“With the integration of Shred1 into their operations, recyclers are gaining a distinct competitive advantage by producing a premium ferrous shred that not only meets escalating market requirements but can command a premium price per ton,” the company described the machine’s benefit.

Shred1 uses magnets and ballistics to segregate copper-bearing materials from shredded steel recovered by the scrap drum magnets. “This unique separator yields two distinct fractions: a premium low-copper ferrous product (in the range of 0.16-0.20% cu) and a traditional #2 shred,” the provider underlined.

A White Paper gives more information:

(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 3/2023, Page 57)