Half a Billion Aerosol Cans Recycled

DeSpray Environmental, a leading company in the aerosol recycling technology, has announced a major achievement.

“The combined efforts of DeSpray cofounders Mike MacKay and Eelco Osse, over the last 25 years, have resulted in 560 million + aerosol cans being 100 percent recycled and removed from the waste stream,“ the company pointed out. This accomplishment would highlight DeSpray’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its success in pioneering advanced recycling technologies. “These ongoing efforts are currently responsible for 260 cans per second and rising with every DeSpray system that is commissioned.” According to the information, the firm’s half of a billion milestone of recycled aerosols “is more than a numerical achievement. It represents a steadfast commitment to reducing the environmental impact of aerosol waste, which has otherwise been unchecked. As DeSpray continues to innovate this technology and expand its influence, it remains focused on leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.”

About DeSpray Environmental
DeSpray Environmental is a privately owned and operated company based in the Netherlands. It is part of the Boessenkool group and manufactures standalone aerosol recycling systems. “These newest unique containerized recycling systems can be installed and commissioned within ten days on site. That includes training.”

All of the systems were individually ATEX, UE and CE certified systems. The DeSpray 1500, 3000 and 5000 are designed to target mid to large-scale waste management companies that see aerosol recycling as a niche market.


(Published in GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine 1/2024, Page 49, Photo: DeSpray)