1. Copyright
The contributor of any images, sounds, or texts placed on the global-recycling.info is responsible for complying with copyright law. GLOBAL RECYCLING advises all users to take careful note of, and comply with, any and all existing copyrights when publishing and/or sending information – not only in regard to text, but also graphic diagrams/charts, photographs, recordings, video sequences, etc.

Compliance with copyright law allows GLOBAL RECYCLING to achieve its primary function. Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of material that is protected by intellectual property rights law, particularly the copyright, in a manner that violates the original copyright owner’s exclusive rights. Reproduction or utilization of items that are protected by copyright held by third parties in other electronic or printed publications, media, etc. is not permitted without the express permission of the third parties involved.

Unless otherwise indicated, GLOBAL RECYCLING retains the copyright of all its images, sounds, or texts; all unauthorized copying is strictly forbidden. However, GLOBAL RECYCLING press releases and media announcements (including any information from third parties these may hold: existing copy or other rights, such as patents, trademarks, etc.) are published with the expres purpose of allowing further publication and utilization by third parties. When using material taken from the GLOBAL RECYCLING its source should be indicated; for example, “Source: GLOBAL RECYCLING“. It would be desirable to have one or more links to our website on your websites, using the GLOBAL RECYCLING logo.

Should you wish to take and utilize information and/or announcements from GLOBAL RECYCLING on a regular basis, rather than occasionally, this is only possible with the express permission of GLOBAL RECYCLING. Our staff can be reached via the contact link.

2. Correctness, completeness, quality, and accuracy
The contributor is responsible for correctness, completeness, quality, and currency accuracy of the information published, presented or sent. This includes all links, tips and information placed, entered or sent within the framework of GLOBAL RECYCLING as well as for such entries from third parties in guestbooks, discussion forums, mailing lists, etc.

GLOBAL RECYCLING assumes no liability whatsoever for damage or losses of any kind arising from the use or non-use of information offered and/or the use of inaccurate and/or incomplete information.

3. Opinions
Due to GLOBAL RECYCLING’s inherently open nature, the opinions given are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of GLOBAL RECYCLING.

4. Links, references and referrals
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Whilst every reasonable precaution has been taken, GLOBAL RECYCLING cannot accept liability for any damage which is sustained as a result of software viruses or errors in its files.

6. Privacy Policy
Where personal and/or business-related data (email addresses, names, postal addresses, etc.) is requested in connection with the information offered on GLOBAL RECYCLING its supply is entirely voluntary. All voluntarily provided personal data in the context of GLOBAL RECYCLING will only be used for  the data they were provided for.