How Start-Ups Can Make the Circular Economy Become Reality

As raw materials are scarce worldwide and are becoming increasingly expensive, companies that save resources or produce gently do not only contribute to a cleaner environment but actually have a real competitive advantage. The European Commission, which is currently working on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, estimates that waste prevention, eco-design, reuse and similar […]

Canada: Investors Are Welcome

In Canada, there will be a new investment hub soon. In December last year, the Government of Canada informed that the country will dedicate 218 million Dollar over the next five years to increase investments that will create jobs and growth for the middle class. This unprecedented funding would support the creation of a new […]

Investment in Circular Economy in India Creates Benefits for All

A circular economy development path in India could create annual value of rupee 14 lakh crore (US-Dollar 218 billion) in 2030 and rupee 40 lakh crore (US-Dollar 624 billion) in 2050 compared with the current development scenario. By adopting circular economy approaches, businesses could achieve material cost savings and increase their profits by lowering virgin […]

Investment Plan for Europe

There are opportunities for investors in the EU and aboard: The Plan is intended to trigger 315 billion Euro in investment by 2018. It also applies to investments in the Circular Economy. The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) proposed the Investment Plan for Europe in November 2014 as an initiative to fight […]