Enviro’s rCB Reduces CO2 Emissions by Over 79 Percent – Better Than Earlier Estimates

Enviro’s recovered carbon black is demonstrably a good environmental choice, according to a new life-cycle analysis (LCA) from the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Recovered carbon black leads to CO2eq emissions that are 79-84 percent lower than the emissions from the production of virgin carbon black – a figure considerably better than earlier estimates of […]

Recycled Construction Waste in Europe

The European construction industry is working towards producing high-quality materials from recycled waste, enhancing the sector’s sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. In the southern Belgian province of Namur, concrete and bricks from demolished buildings are being turned into eco-friendly road surfaces. A local company recycles 180,000 tons of concrete, tarmac, sand and mixed soils […]

The Swiss Example: Using Recycled Concrete

Reaching for the sky with construction and demolition waste recycling: A report, provided by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (a network of over 1,500 cities, towns and metropolises committed to building a sustainable future), on a study visit in Zurich. Construction and demolition waste (CDW) is one of the largest waste streams in the […]

The Future for E-Waste Could be Bright

A plea for the circular economy by the E-waste coalition, a group of seven UN entities that have come together to increase cooperation and more efficiently provide support to Member States and Parties to address the e-waste challenge. According to the report “A New Circular Vision for Electronics – Time for a Global Reboot”, published […]

European Recyclers’ Strategy on Technical Plastic Parts

Engineering plastics today are the third most widely used material, after packaging and building and construction applications and represent 16 percent of the total EU demand. According to the association Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), engineering plastics are extensively employed in both the automotive and the electrical & electronic (E&E) sectors as they are lighter, more […]

Bornholm Turning Away From Incineration: Forming the Spearhead for Denmark?

“Bornholm will become the world’s first industrialized community to achieve 100 percent waste recycling and reuse”, news agency BusinessWire emphasized at the end of January. Within 13 years, citizens, businesses and tourists on the Danish island want to improve waste handling, sorting and treatment, so that by 2032 all regionally produced waste will be reused […]

Better Waste Management to Combat Climate Change

In March this year, the Thai Public Broadcasting Service reported that Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment would propose to the cabinet a total ban on the import of plastic waste into the country. According to the information, the imports of plastic waste are to end at the beginning of 2020. At the same […]

Recycled Glass Market to Exceed $4.4bn by 2025 with 7.6% CAGR

According to growth forecast analysis by Global Market Insights, Inc. the size of Recycled Glass Market will hit USD 4.4 billion by 2025. Recycled glass is a sustainable material providing boundless ecological aids including contribution to mitigating climate change and saving valuable natural resources as vitric products can be recycled in close loop endlessly. On […]

Steelanol: Converting Carbon-Containing Gas into Fuel

In January this year, the first foundation pile of the ArcelorMittal’s Steelanol plant in Belgium has been driven into the ground, the first of 1,800 piles that will support the future installations of the plant. In June last year, the international steel and mining company ArcelorMittal has begun construction of new premises at its site […]

Brazil: Rio Gets a Pilot Plant to Explore Energy from Waste

A national technology to process and explore energy from organic waste started being tested in the city of Rio de Janeiro. As reported, the pilot plant is installed in a processing facility of the City Company of Urban Cleaning (Comlurb) in the Caju neighborhood and has in January completed a month in operation. According to […]