ITAD Market Expected to Reach 18.18 Billion US-Dollar

According to a new market report*) published by Transparency Market Research, the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Market is expected to reach a value of 18.18 billion US-Dollar by 2024, rising from 9.89 billion US-Dollar in 2015. The market is estimated to expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.1 percent from 2016 to […]

The European Market for Plastic Sorting and Recycling

The demand for plastic recycling plants in Europe will increase significantly. By 2025, sorting and recycling plants with an estimated capacity of 5.2 million tons will be commissioned, German consulting firm ecoprog GmbH has found out. This is a growth of 25 percent; the number of plants will increase by about 300. Within the waste […]

Slowly Cracking the Chains – Iran‘s Waste Management is Going to Awake

The trade embargo, worldwide imposed by the UN, USA and EU on Iran, has seriously retarded their national economy. In the forefront of the trade facilitation the country began to reconsider its waste management strategies. The newly obtained freedom of trade gives reason to suppose even more progress. The current population of the Islamic Republic […]

New Zealand: A Proposal to Reduce Packaging Waste

In their report “The InCENTive to Recycle” Milford-based (Auckland) advocacy consultancy Envision recommends bringing back bottle refunds (cash for containers) to lift recycling rates in New Zealand. According to Envision, the report, funded by a number of councils and businesses, calls for the reintroduction of a mandatory container deposit scheme (CDS) – where empty bottles […]

Japan: A Mature Waste Market – with Opportunities

Japan has always lived with natural resource scarcity due to geological and geographical limits. Meanwhile the idea of the circular economy is well embedded in Japanese education, culture, and legislation. As the Minister of Environment underlined, Japan has a solid system for waste management and recycling. Some call it the best – the plastic recycling […]

Armenia: A Step Forward to Develop Solid Waste Management

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a 5.5 million Euro loan to Armenia for the implementation of modern solid waste management solutions. The loan amount includes a previously signed and newly added EBRD sovereign loan, which will allow for an extension of the geographic coverage of the Kotayk Solid Waste Management […]

China Bets on Circular Economy

From the Chinese ministry of economy‘s viewpoint, the national recycling industry has achieved progresses – in parallel to the country‘s emerging rebuilding towards a resource saving and environmentally friendly society. “Presently, there are a total of more than 100,000 recycle enterprises in China, recycling iron and steel scrap, waste plastics, nonferrous metal scrap, waste paper, […]