USA: New Online Marketplace to Trade Recovered Paper

German-based technology provider Voith has joined forces with the Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures – a subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group – to establish a digital marketplace for paper industry. The joint venture has been named “merQbiz” after Mercury, the Roman god of trade. The new company has its headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. […]

USA: Paper Recovery Rate Reached 67.2 Percent in 2016

According to the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), a record 67.2 percent of paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling in 2016. As reported, the annual paper recovery rate has doubled since 1990 and U.S. paper recovery has met or exceeded 63 percent for the past eight years. The industry has a […]

Landfilling in the USA: Less and Less an Acceptable Option

For the future, landfilling is no option. Not even if – as the new government pronounced – the budget of the Environment Protection Agency would be cut by 30 percent and possible funding reduced. In Billings in Montana by incident, the winds are blowing trash from the local dumpsite through the town. For the landfill […]

Enviro Involved in Chile‘s New Law on Producer Responsibility

When Chile’s recycling law will officially come into force in 2018, the Swedish provider of recycling plants for worn-out tires and processed materials, Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB, will have been involved in the introduction of the extended producer responsibility. The goal of the new law is to increase the country’s reuse rates (currently at 10 […]

USA: Landfilling is No Longer the Easy Way Out

Communities are increasingly embracing the vision of the circular economy. Private investment in recycling infrastructure spurs transition to zero waste. In Billings, Montana, trash in every variety covered the streets around the local landfill on March 8, 2017. High winds from recent storms in the U.S. Midwest had blown it there. This was not an […]

European Plastics Industry and the Circular Economy

The industry association PlasticsEurope has created a new Plastics Packaging Circular Economy Group, which will be working with the value chain to maximize the fullest potential of plastics in delivering superior resource efficiency gains within the circular economy. Plastics packaging in today’s society adds significant value to contain, protect and preserve a wide range of […]

Brazil: New Platform for the Plastics Industry

In March this year, the new trade fair Plástico Brasil took place at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. According to the organizers, the new event is an initiative by the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Builders‘ Association (ABIMAQ), and the Brazilian Association of Chemical Manufacturers (ABIQUIM), with organization and promotion of Informa Exhibitions. […]

Lebanon: Waste Management Policy Wanted

Lebanon‘s waste management seems to resemble many others in threshold nations. Of the daily amount of roughly 4,500 tons to 5,000 tons of municipal solid waste, 48 percent is landfilled, 29 percent openly dumped, 15 percent composted and only 8 percent recycled. Latest figures indicate 504 municipal solid waste MSW dumps and 166 construction and […]

Brexit Impacts on UK‘s Residual Waste Arisings and Treatment Capacity

Under a high recycling scenario, which could result from a ‘soft’ Brexit, the UK’s supply of capacity will exceed the available quantity of residual waste in 2020/21 – or in 2023/24 if the export of refuse derived fuel (RDF) is excluded from the analysis. The worst case scenario for a ‘hard’ Brexit, where there is […]

Plastic Recycling Market Will Continue to Grow

The global plastic recycling market is anticipated to flourish in the coming years due to the stern stance of developed regions to ban plastics and reduce the dumping of plastic wastes in landfills. According to a market research, offered by online catalog Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE), the global plastic recycling market has been […]