Patent-Pending Separator Technology

Best Process Solutions, Inc. (BPS), a sales, engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in the US, has introduced its new RecoverMax Fines Process.

According to the information, it is able to recover any piece of metal greater than one millimeter. “The heart of the system is the worldwide patent-pending RecoverMax Separator, which separates any piece of metal from glass and rock at a purity of over 98 percent,” the Ohio-based firm underlined. Once the metals are recovered, the system would complete the final step to produce a 0 to 3 millimeter copper/precious metals fraction and a 3 to 12 millimeter copper fraction (purity: 95 percent), both to be sold as a refinery-grade product. The 3 to 12 millimeter Zorba fraction with 10 to 15 percent copper would then be marketed as a high grade Zorba product. The systems can be configured to meet the needs of customers ranging from 2 to 20 tons per hour plants, the provider emphasized.

Graphic: Best Process Solutions, Inc.

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