Plastic Bottles Made from Recycled Plastic

Evian, Danone’s mineral water brand, intends to make all its plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic by 2025, compared to 25 percent at present, in order to tackle the issue of waste.

As reported by news agency Reuters, Evian is teaming up with Loop Industries, which has developed a new technology of depolymerization to transform all types of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic waste into the high-quality plastic Evian requires, to redesign its packaging. Further, “Evian will invest a ‘significant’ albeit undisclosed sum of money to reach its goal.”

According to Canada-based Loop Industries, Inc., the strategic initiative with Evian is part of a long-term Danone global partnership. The company’s technology “decouples PET/polyester plastic from fossil fuels by depolymerizing all forms of waste PET/polyester into its base building blocks (monomers),” the Canadian firm gave account. “The resulting monomers are then repolymerized into virgin-quality polyester plastic, enabling a true circular economy.” The technology would allow for low value and no value waste such as carpets and clothing to be up-cycled into high value consumer goods packaging such as water bottles. As reported, the patented technology specifically targets PET/polyester plastic allowing for the removal for all waste impurities, such as colors, dyes, labels and non-PET/polyester plastic waste.

“Our disruptive technology is helping partner brands reach and exceed their stated sustainability goals,” Daniel Solomita, founder and CEO of Loop Industries, Inc., explained. “Iconic brands such as Evian recognize the benefits of our technology in accelerating the transition to the circular economy envisioned by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other thought leaders in industry, government and academia. We are now focusing on global commercialization of our technology through manufacturing partnerships to supply Loop branded PET/polyester resin.”

Photo: O. Kürth