Investments in Tunisia

The European Union, the Union for the Mediterranean, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have launched a project for the environmental clean-up of Lake Bizerte in northern Tunisia and the depollution of the Mediterranean.

With a total budget of more than 90 million Euro over a five-year period (starting in 2016), the program is intended to contribute to improving the living conditions of the surrounding populations and reducing the main sources of pollution impacting the entire Mediterranean Sea. It comprises four investment components: reduction of industrial pollution, extension and improvement of urban and rural wastewater collection and treatment, solid waste as well as coastal zone management through rehabilitation of the landfills, lakeshores and fishing harbors. In February this year, international company GOPA Infra gave account that it has signed a TA contract, worth 2.2 million Euro for the implementation of the “Integrated Programme for Protection of the Lake Bizerte against Pollution”.

GR 2/2018