India to Ban Single-Use Plastic by 2022

India announced to eliminate all single-use plastics from the country by 2022, media in India, Europe and America reported.

Presumably, in India the annual average per capita consumption of plastic is at 11 kilograms – the global average amounts to 28 kilograms per person. The country generates about 25,000 tons of plastic waste every day.

Being the global host nation of this year’s World Environment Day in June, “India’s announcement to end use of single-use plastic in next four years is expected to send a strong message to the global community which is already threatened by the plastic menace due to its impact on marine ecosystems, water bodies and soils,” the Indian Economic Times wrote. There are already initial reactions: According to the newspaper The Hindu, the Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) announced to switch “from imposing fines on those who litter, to witty signage aimed at raising environmental awareness”. And “the Tamil Nadu Government said it would ban the manufacturing, storage, and use of plastic products (except packing material for milk, curd, oil and medical products) from the first of January, 2019”.

Photo: pixabay

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