Trading Platform for Recovered Paper with Integrated Logistics Solution

Digital commerce is finding its way into recovered paper trading: The B2B-trading-platform merQbiz, launched in 2017 by German international operating engineering company Voith and US-based Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures, has expanded its range.

Since January, merQbiz and the American logistics provider C. H. Robinson cooperate. As a result, the platform includes integrated logistics solutions, Voith informed. “MerQbiz now also offers the automation and improvement of previously manually performed logistics processes on an user-friendly digital platform. Absolute transparency in the market now applies not only to the pricing of recovered paper but also to the shipping costs – competitive pricing is carried out in real time and customers receive prompt transport offers that match with their trading order. C. H. Robinson’s capacities allow for access to previously unmatched freight capacities.”

According to the information, merQbiz connects buyers and sellers of recovered paper in a digital marketplace – currently in the USA only. The platform would enable traders and buyers from pulp and paper mills to directly network with one another and access information about the supply and demand of recovered paper. In addition, users could securely conduct their sales and purchasing transactions on the trading platform. “Similar to the well-known online marketplaces, merQbiz evaluates the merchants, the buyers and the quality of the goods,” the German-based company explained. This would ensure a high level of security for all goods, logistics and payment flows as well as a high degree of transparency and professional handling.

In the medium term, the trading platform’s offers will also be available to customers outside the United States, Voith announced.

Foto: pixabay

GR 3/2018