Tiger Depack Reduces Waste in Paper Pulp

At MIAC 2018, the 25th International Exhibition of Paper Industry taking place from 10 to 12 October in Lucca (Italy), Italian company Cesaro Mac Import will present its new machine for paper mills which uses recovered paper.

Recovered paper is an important raw material for producing new paper. In some parts of the world, the utilization rates are quite high – for example in Europe. Each year, millions of tons of paper are recovered from differentiated waste collections. In stock preparation, the sorted secondary raw material is dispersed in pulper water to separate fibers and ink as well as other components (for example plastics), which as waste often is disposed of with expenditure. In order to solve this problem, Cesaro Mac Import – owners of the Tiger Depack brand – have developed the “Tiger Depack HS 20 – Paper Pulp Solution”. According to the information, the machine is able to recover up to 70 percent in weight of reusable material, which can be fed back into production. In a single process, the quantity of material currently sent for disposal at a landfill or incinerator is reduced. The “Tiger Depack HS 20 – Paper Pulp Solution” is meeting the needs of any paper mill, the provider is convinced.


GR 2/2018-Advertorial