COEXPAN is committed to increasing the recycled content of its PET products to 70% by 2025

COEXPAN endorses the commitment announced by PET Sheet Europe, the association that brings together Europe’s leading PET sheet producers, to guarantee that their products will have a mean recycled content of 70% by the year 2025. This ambitious undertaking aims to meet the goals laid down in the EU Plastics Strategy while also calling upon the relevant authorities to take specific actions in terms of legislation to guarantee market stability and the sustainable growth of the industry.

COEXPAN’s commitment to packaging recyclability
The COEXPAN division currently uses 50% recycled material in its rigid PET sheets produced primarily for the manufacture of packaging for foodstuffs, household products, personal hygiene products and other industrial applications. COEXPAN has three production plants located in Europe (Spain, Italy and Germany) that specialise in the extrusion of PET-based and rPET-based, mono-, medium- and high-barrier plastic sheet intended for food packaging and industrial applications. It also has another two plants in France specialised in thermoformed packaging that produce trays and other rPET-based products for food packaging. Although the current percentage of recycled PET in COEXPAN products surpasses the average content of the rest of Europe’s leading manufacturers (45%), the company is committed to continue working on new packaging solutions that, whenever possible, include recycled material, guaranteeing optimal conditions of product quality and safety and allowing the recycling goal set for the year 2025 to be reached.

In the words of COEXPAN’s CEO, Dinis Mota, “The future of packaging poses major challenges for our society. Our commitment in this direction is to design optimal and sustainable packaging solutions using the main polymers such as PS, PP, PET and PLA, that guarantee the preservation and protection of products and ensure the responsible use of our natural resources.

Towards a new Circular Economy model
In order to achieve a genuine circular economy of plastics we need to be able to count on the support and collaboration of the European authorities. Through the PET Sheet Europe association COEXPAN endorses the call to the authorities to back the industry’s circularity through laws that promote effective systems of collection, sorting, processing and recycling of PET packaging.

The benefits of using PET packaging
Over the past few years PET sheet manufacturers, including COEXPAN, have gradually increased the content of recycled material in their products, this way achieving a positive impact on the environment and fostering the circularity of plastics, while at the same time guaranteeing their application for food contact. Thanks to their mechanical and functional properties, PET and rPET packages are optimal products for an extensive range of packaging applications, both for industrial and food use (trays for fresh food, packaging for cheese, fresh pasta, etc.) as well as for the sector of household products and personal hygiene (blisters). COEXPAN meets the most stringent standards of food safety, backed by international certifications such as the BRC Packaging standard or the FSSC 22000 food safety system, for the production of packaging suitable for food contact.

Collaboration throughout the value chain of plastics
COEXPAN Montonate is one of the founder members of the PET Sheet Europe association that brings together the ten leading PET sheet manufactures in Europe and aims to represent and defend, before the European legislators and other professional organisations, the interests of the industry in relation to any technical, scientific, financial or regulatory issue of common interest to its members. COEXPAN also partners with different local and international associations to promote plastic waste prevention and the recovery and reuse of all kinds of plastic waste.

COEXPAN is the trusted packaging partner for the leading consumer good brands around the world. We have been revolutionizing the rigid packaging market since 1973 with our innovative, efficient and sustainable rigid solutions which provide value and competitiveness to our product offering, while delivering high quality results based on unmatched industry expertise and customer service. Pioneer in extrusion with over 45 years of experience in the industry, COEXPAN is the Grupo Lantero division that specializes in the manufacture of rigid plastic foils and thermoformed packages using the main plastic polymers (PS, PP, PET, PLA) to provide solutions for the packaging industry at a global level. Nowadays the company has 13 production plants placed in Germany, France, Spain Italy, Russia, Chile, Brazil and México, in which more than 800 employees work, distributing its products in more than 50 countries.

Source/Photo: COEXPAN