Entsorga Starting Production of High Quality Alternative Fuel with 120,000 Tons per Year Plant in Martinsburg

Completing a path initiated several years ago, the plant is demonstrating for the first time in North America  a new more sustainable circular model for the waste and recycling industry in the US. By allowing to maximize recycling and recovery of a substantial portion of the municipal and commercial / industrial waste produced in Berkeley County WV, the Entsorga WV plant is providing a real life local circular solution for the needs of the local community diverting from landfilling up to 85% of the incoming streams. An important milestone for the Entsorga Group, which marks its official debut in North America.

The first batches of alternative fuel have been already produced confirming high quality and high calorific power of a fuel that for the high biogenic content and better compositional characteristics can provide a viable low carbon and cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Photo: Entsorga Italia SpA

The alternative fuel produced by Entsorga can be tailored to the user needs and can be reliably be produced at specifications. In the past the fuel has also been recognized by U.S. EPA as Non Hazardous Secondary Material.

“The production of the first batch of CSS is the start of a new expansion phase for the Group and marks the debut of our all-Italian technology on American soil,” commented Mr. Cella Mazzariol, President of Entsorga.

To produce Alternative Fuel, Martinsburg uses the Bee Mechanical Biological Treatment system coupled with the H.E.Bio.T.™ (High Efficiency Biological System) process, an efficient, natural and highly automated solution that also guarantees state of the art environmental standards and minimum impact on the surrounding areas.

The successful start-up and ramp up of operations of the Entsorga West Virginia plant represents the conclusion of a process started 15 years ago by the County of Berkley to find a cleaner, safer and more sustainable alternative to waste disposal, and for our Group represents an important milestone for the development of our activity in North America.

Source/Photo: Entsorga Italia SpA