New Stainless Steel Recycling Site in Thailand

In April, Oryx Stainless (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a market leader in stainless steel recycling in Thailand and South East Asia, celebrated the opening of its new site in Bangpakong (Chachoengsao province, Thailand).

More than 200 guests from Thailand, all over Asia and Overseas traveled to Bangpakong to congratulate staff, management and shareholders of Oryx Stainless to the successful start of the modern state-of-the-art facility, the internationally operating company group reported. After the old yard run out of capacity, the new factory would form the basis for the further dynamic growth of Oryx Stainless in Thailand over the coming years.

According to the Thai company, the quantities delivered to the stainless-steel industry during 2018 stand for about 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide savings. The corporate group in total contributed more than 2.2 million tons of CO2 savings.

Oryx Stainless is planning to open another facility with the successful Thai operation being the blueprint for further expansion in Asia.

(GR 22019, Page 14)