Songwon Partnered with German Company

South Korean Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that it is able to package its products in 20 kilogram PE-bags made with 50 percent recycled Polyethylene (PE).

The chemical company and manufacturer has collaborated with the German packaging specialists, RPC bpi Nordfolien, to develop PE-bags for packaging 20 kilograms of product “using recycled materials originating from different waste streams, including industrial printed bags that have already been used”. All of the solvents that are required for de-inking are also recycled continuously in a closed loop process. According to the company’s information, the recycled bags were successfully trialed on various customers to make sure that they met Songwon’s quality standards and those of the customers for strength, color stability and handling. The company intends to continue the smooth transition to the new recyclable packaging over the next months.,

(GR 22019, Page 19)