Design Award for LaserSort by Sicon

The machine, developed by Germany-based Sicon GmbH, received the European Product Design Award 2019 Silver in the category “Design for Society/Design for Environment”.

The Sicon LaserSort “is a unique combination of Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and multiple separation channels in order to separate clean metal and alloy materials out of complex material mixtures of all kinds,” the homepage of the award informed. “Usually recycled materials have to be used in compromise applications whereas Sicon LaserSort products can be used in primary application within the Cradle to Cradle philosophy of recycling.” As reported, the award-winning machine was developed from a team of experts in laser and separation technologies and from design experts. According to Sicon, it is able to detect practically all alloys from metal mixtures in one run and to separate them into different collection containers.

The European Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of designers and design teams who aim to improve the daily life “with a practical and beautiful creation, designed to solve a problem, make life easier or simply spread joy”.

Photo: Sicon (GR 32019S)