Doppstadt Extended Range of Separation Solutions

Siltbuster Group, one of UK’s leading water treatment specialists, has sold its Gritbuster range to the German Doppstadt Group, after working collaboratively on the wet waste separation technology for five years.

As reported, the Gritbuster technology is able to recover aggregates to a “very high standard from a variety of waste streams”, including building rubble, mixed construction waste, gully waste and road sweepings. Doppstadt, which has an international network of dealers with partners in more than 40 countries, will continue developing and selling the Gritbuster technology by itself. Siltbuster will concentrate on further developing its core business in providing water treatment solutions, both for hire and sale, on a global scale. Furthermore, it intends to continue to supply technical support and water treatment solutions to Doppstadt. Both companies would be allowed to concentrate on what they do best – Siltbuster water treatment and Doppstadt materials recycling, a press release said.

Doppstadt is a provider of solutions and services that encompass every sector involved in environmental technology and the recovery of reusable materials. The German company group has centers of expertise at Velbert (prototype development, production and sales), Wülfrath (service), Calbe (series production) and Wilsdruff (separation of wet materials).

(GR 22019S)