Alternative Polyols Made from PU and PET Waste Materials

German company Rampf Eco Solutions presented chemical solutions and multi-functional production plants for the manufacture of alternative polyols from PU and PET waste materials, PSA, and renewable or bio-based raw materials at the PSE 2019 in Munich.

According to the company, in two of the largest facilities in Europe tailored polyols are industrially manufactured from PU residues using a specially developed chemical process. “The resulting basic polyols are integrated back into the production process of the customers, creating a cycle that delivers both environmental and economic benefits,” Rampf Eco Solutions describes the practice.

As reported, it has also developed a chemical process that enables PET/PSA, other polyesters (PLA, PC, PHB), and renewable or bio-based raw materials such as vegetable oils to be used as sources of raw materials for manufacturing alternative polyols.

Multi-functional plants for polyol production

Rampf Eco Solutions is – by its own account – a leading specialist for the design, development, and construction of multi-functional plants for the manufacture of customized alternative polyols. “The plants enable customers to manufacture their own polyols onsite, which can then be fed directly back into the production process,” the company underlined. At PSE Europe 2019, it was joined by Purplan, an international specialist for designing and building chemical processing plants with a focus on polyurethanes and synthetic resins manufacturing.

At the second edition of the International Exhibition for Polyurethane Solutions, PSE Europe (26 – 28 March 2019), the international polyurethane processing industry met at the MOC conference center in Munich to explore the latest PU technology trends and applications in industrial manufacturing.,

(GR 22019S)