Panizzolo Mega 1500: Decisive Role for Metal Valorization

Due to non-performing recycling plants, a considerable quantity of metals cannot be reintroduced into the production cycle in Europe every year, says Italy-based manufacturer Panizzolo.

Not having a sufficient degree of cleaning and separation, these outputs are lost in landfills, incinerators or in exports to countries with low environmental policies. “Panizzolo Recycling Systems avoids vague and illusory advertising campaigns,” explains Mauro Panizzolo, owner and technical manager, “certain companies often promise high production results only on paper, without actually being able to obtain them and leaving customers at the mercy of many problems.” Unlike this, the Italian company’s solutions “show the concept of quality on a practical level,” continues Matteo Turatto, sales manager. “From the design to the training of the operators, everything is finalized to the good functioning of the plant for long-term profitability”.

Photo: Panizzolo Srl.

With thirty years of direct experience and constant research and development, Panizzolo is a valid partner in the supply of industrial shredders, hammermills and refining plants for End-of-Waste treatments. “During the valorization cycle”, Panizzolo explains, “the hammermill plays a decisive role. Quality grinding frees the metal from the aggregates, simplifies the final separation phases and maximizes the commercial value, unlike unsuitable or improvised models that lead, in the medium-short term, to serious economic and productive damages”.

“Even today there are few suppliers able to ensure this concrete quality,” explains Turatto. “A recent example is a client from Saudi Arabia who, having important flows of scrap to be enhanced, has chosen the security of our Mega 1500 hammermill”.

Photo: Panizzolo Srl.

Seeing this hammermill in action, “Security” is the word that best represents it. “Security of the structure”, thanks to carpentry, welds and armor reinforced for stresses and machining peaks. “Security of the productivity” with a 450 kW electric motor, a production of up to 19 tons/hour and a dedicated software for the management and control of the processing. “Security of the treatment”, thanks to the grinding logic that uniforms the usury, to the 32 hammers (52 kg) in special casting and to the separation accessories. “Security in the quality of the outputs”, thanks to the flexibility of the patented cradle and the set of interchangeable grids. “Security of the operators”, thanks to a rapid access to the grinding chamber and to all maintenance operations.

The system weighs 77 tons, however the Mega 1500 remains extremely flexible in the treatment. Like the more compact Panizzolo models, the Mega 1500 integrates the patented cradle speeding up the setting of the waste and the size in output. “The most important condition for our customers,” concludes Turatto, “is the final profitability of the metals at the time of sale. For this reason, our solutions must maximize their potential right from the grinding. In the Mega 1500 this is possible even in the most heavy-duty waste, with low energy consumption, high production yields and excellent output quality”.

(GR 32019, Page 42-Advertorial, Photo: Panizzolo Srl.)