Panizzolo Recycling: End of Waste Treatment for Armored Cable (SWA)

At the end of its cycle, the armored cable becomes a tricky waste to be introduced into the recycling system.

The classic plants are not designed to process this kind of waste. Unlike normal electric cables, there is an iron foil under the sheath, while the central part can be made of copper or aluminum.

Photo: Panizzolo S.r.l.

The recent European bloc to China and India export imposed the need to introduce efficient recovery solutions in member countries. At this request of treatment, Panizzolo promptly answered with its range of recycling solutions. Keywords are treatment, flexibility and maximum profitability. Stationary and mobile hammermills (with patented interchangeable cradle) and refining plant (with patented hammermills) allow the enhancement and the separation of iron, copper and aluminum, without losses of inert materials. The grinding logic simplifies the recovery cycle and maximizes the profitability of metals at the moment of sale.

Photo: Panizzolo S.r.l.

(GR 22019, Page 39)