New Hall for ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY (from 3rd to 6th November at Rimini Expo Centre)

The “Green Deal”, the new European economic policy of the Commission chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, will be covered in depth from 3rd to 6th November at Rimini Expo Centre on the occasion of the 24th edition of Ecomondo, the leading international exhibition of environmental technology and the 14th KEY ENERGY dedicated to renewable energies, smart cities ed energy efficiency.

Thanks to their top-grade informative facilities, the programme of both expos include seminars and conferences, organized by the Ecomondo Scientific Committee, led by Professor Fabio Fava, and Key Energy’s, led by Professor Gianni Silvestrini, scientific director of the Kyoto Club.

In the meantime, Italian Exhibition Group has announced two decisive new features for ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY, as far as structures and content are concerned, which will open up to further business opportunities for companies.

In fact, in November, the two expos will be able to count on a new hall equipped to meet the requirements of a constantly increasing number of participating clients. For them, there will be a space with an additional gross area of 9,000 square metres, which will be located on the west side of the Rimini expo centre. The new hall (A8) will be connected directly with halls A7 and C7 and will be constructed with material with a low environmental impact.

Furthermore, KEY ENERGY will host the launch of LUMIexpo, a section dedicated to “smart spaces” and “people-centric” technology: The factors of strategic development of digital technologies will be based on the idea of smart spaces focussed on people and therefore on their needs paying the utmost attention to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

LUMIexpo is a real opportunity for connecting those who buy, manage and apply integrated technology in smart systems to improve energy efficiency and safety in the environments constructed, from buildings to cities, to evolved industries, a focus on system integrators, facility/energy managers, security managers and designers. At the 2019 edition, Ecomondo and Key Energy proposed a comprehensive showcase of over 1,600 companies, attracting 93,000 professional attendees. Ecomondo 2020 will bring together four expo macro-sectors: WASTE AND RESOURCES; WATER (with the integrated water cycle), CIRCULAR BIOECONOMY; REMEDIATION AND HYDROGEOLOGICAL RISK. Moreover, issues on which experts, public and private managers, researchers, civil society and associations will network at Ecomondo 2020 will regard Green Public Procurement; Ecodesign and the market of secondary raw materials; infrastructures suitable for the innovations of sharing economy; the role of cities and local areas; regulations on waste recycling; End of Waste targets; soil protection and its essential role for a complete bio-supply chain of materials. All instruments and choices that must take into consideration the general context of Climate Change, which, as well as being the setting, is also the final objective.

KEY ENERGY will also feature four expo sectors. Furthermore, the leitmotif of 2020 will be “Where Energy Meets The Future”: Wind, Solar & Storage, Efficiency (distributed generation) and Sustainable City (Digital, Electric and Circular), where, as well as the topics of Smart Cities and electric transport, there will also be LUMIexpo, a thematic focus on the sustainable development of urban areas.

Key Energy 2020 is the platform at which public policies meet with the range of technology offered by the market to realize them, as well as being the opportunity for promoting legislative evolution on current issues, such as the necessity to regulate the development of energy communities as soon as possible.

Source: Italian Exhibition Group SpA (Rimini, 25th of March, 2020)