Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Midac Integrated Production Plan Becomes of Common European Interest

The company based in Verona, one of the participants in the second Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) on new generation batteries, predict a total investment of 104 million euros for three innovative projects. Thus, the first ever integrated lithium-ion battery production plant will be established in Italy between Soave and Cremona.

While Europe is affected by the pandemic, there is an industry that continues to invest and create jobs: the one of lithium-ion batteries. By favoring the transition from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy, this business fully responds to the ambitious European goal of the Green Deal, which aims at climate neutrality in 2050. To support this strategic sector, the European Commission has given green light to the second tranche of funding for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) for new generation batteries (2.9 billion euros). This financial support was given after a  careful selection among 42 European companies in the sector.

Photo: Midac SpA

One of the selected companies is Midac Batteries Spa, founded by Santo Mastrotto and led by Filippo Girardi, president and CEO. Midac obtained green light for the development of three innovative projects related to the production, reuse and sustainable management of lithium-ion batteries end of life. These projects will allow the company to build the first integrated lithium-ion battery production plant in Italy, for a total investment of 104 million euros. Therefore, the company will be able to produce its own lithium-ion batteries with the reuse of raw materials derived from the recycling of exhausted batteries, in accordance with the principles of circular economy, thus ensuring compliance with Midac’s “green” philosophy.

In particular, the first project concerns the selection and recovery process of batteries at the end of their life, which makes it possible to send those that cannot be reused to a recycling plant with a capacity of 30,000 tons / year and to use those still functioning in less demanding applications. This way, the batteries can have a second life, reducing their environmental impact and increasing the percentage of recovered materials from 60% to over 90%. The recycling and reuse activities will be developed in collaboration with partner companies, including Enel X.

The second project relates to the development of a new cell productionplant based on third and fourth generation technology, which allows faster recharging, greater autonomy and enhanced safety. These cells will then be sent to the new battery assembly departments in Soave and in Cremona to be utilized in automotive, material handling and reserve power applications.

The third project covers the development of battery management system (BMS) electronics, which will make it possible to extend their lives, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. The batteries will also be equipped with IoT systems to facilitate their use by end customers.

Filippo Girardi (Photo: Midac SpA)

The plan for the construction of the new plant, lasting a total of 7 years, represents a stepping stone for the company and for the entire Italian and European sector to gain a leading role in the lithium-ion storage technology. Furthermore, this will allow to develop, also in Europe the entire supply chain pivoting around this strategic technology.

“We are enthusiastic and proud to be able to provide, also thanks to this project, our contribution to the development of the lithium-ion battery technological supply chain in Europe underlines the CEO Filippo Girardi and to be able to continue to pursue our objectives of innovation and environmental sustainability. We thank the Ministry of Economic Development for supporting us in all phases of the project and the European Commission for the growth opportunity it has offered our company with the approval of our project, having deemed it worthy and useful for the development of the entire European Community “.

Source/Photo: Midac SpA (Soave (VR), January 28, 2021)