ERI is the “Recyclers’ Recycler”

ERI, the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States, continues to provide a full suite of e-waste recycling services to other recycling companies.

Known in the industry as the “recyclers’ recycler,” ERI is the first organization in the world to be NAID, e-Stewards, and R2 certified at all eight of its facilities, setting the highest possible standard and leading the industry for both data destruction and responsible electronics recycling. The company provides the services other recyclers need to meet sustainability and data destruction goals. ERI now provides e-waste recycling solutions – ranging from commodities extraction and management, ITAD services, Circular Economy engagement, data destruction and logistics, among other services to more recycling organizations than any other organization in the industry.

ERI maintains eight NAID-, e-Steward- and R2-certified, state-of-the-art e-waste recycling centers, processing and responsibly recycling hundreds of millions of pounds of e-waste every year. With global consumer spending expected to double by 2030, there is an urgent need to secure resources as well as develop new production models that fit within planetary constraints, especially with electronic devices, the fastest growing sector of the waste stream today.

“ERI is proud to be the only ITAD company in the country that partners not only with manufacturers and retailers, but with other recyclers as well – to jointly trailblaze the Circular Economy by closing the sustainability loop,” said John Shegerian, ERI’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. “Thanks to our proprietary software tracking system, our A.I.-driven robots and our innovative shredding technologies, all metals, plastics, glass, virtually everything, can be tracked and prepared for beneficial re-use into new products. Plus, all of our facilities are 100 percent zero waste, zero landfill and zero emissions.”

ERI has facilities in Fresno, CA; Sumner, WA; Flower Mound, TX; Aurora CO; Plainfield, IN; Badin, NC; Holliston, MA; and Lincoln Park, NJ.

“We know how important it is to recycling businesses of all sizes to be able to partner with a responsible, sustainable and fully certified electronics recycler and data destruction company they can trust,” added Shegerian. “ERI is standing by, available to help with all electronics recycling, ITAD, and sustainability needs.”

A Collaborative Spirit
ERI does not view most other recyclers as competition, but rather as partners in the ongoing battle to keep e-waste out of landfills. Plus, there is a tremendous amount of e-waste entering the global waste stream and as a leader in the responsible recycling of these items, ERI sees collaborating with other collectors, recyclers and ITAD companies as a natural part of its responsibility to the planet. Electronic devices are being discarded and replaced at the fastest pace in history. At the rapid rate that technology is improving, businesses, government agencies, and individuals are all upgrading to the latest and greatest faster than ever before. This has produced a tremendous glut of e-waste – unwanted electronics containing toxic elements that historically end up in landfills. It is not a hard decision to make for environmentally responsible and sustainability-minded organizations to have their e-waste recycled. But what about the sensitive data those devices contain? Hardware hacking has become an epidemic, and companies, individuals, even government agencies have become vulnerable to attacks.

Numerous unstoppable business and societal trends are causing, and will continue to cause, spiking numbers in electronics turnover: desire for circular economy services; need for cybersecurity and responsible hardware data destruction; the impending 4G to 5G switchover; and the proliferation of the Internet of Things. These ever-growing trends mean that the tsunami of e-waste has no end in sight.

Fortunately, ERI, which has a unique 18-year track record of innovation, sustainability and cybercrime prevention, has emerged at the forefront of protecting people, the planet and our privacy. And they are doing it like nobody else

(GR12020, Page 20, Photo: ERI)