“Circulytics”: A New Circularity Measurement Tool

Since January the Ellen MacArthur Foundation offers “Circulytics”, the “digital measuring tool which gives companies a fully comprehensive picture of their circularity across all operations”.

The new tool permits companies to track their progress. “Developed and tested by more than 30 companies from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s network, ‘Circulytics’ informs strategy, allows users to see where they lie in relation to their industry, and provides quick understanding for those actively moving away from the current ‘take, make, waste’ linear economy”. Furthermore, it would provide the option to have informed interactions about circular economy adoption should businesses wish to do so with investors and customers, while the foundation plans to engage with companies that generate outstanding scores to create inspirational case studies.

A freely available resource
The digital measuring tool “supports a company’s transition towards the circular economy, regardless of industry, complexity or size. Going beyond assessing products and material flows, this company-level measuring tool reveals the extent to which a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations”. “Circulytics” measures a company’s entire circularity; supports decision making and strategic development for circular economy adoption; demonstrates strengths and highlights the areas for improvement; provides optional transparency about a company’s circular economy adoption and delivers clarity about circular economy performance, opening up new opportunities to generate brand value with key stakeholders. The indicators have been developed by the foundation in collaboration with 13 global partners and CE100 member companies. “When creating ‘Circulytics’, we sought alignment with other circular economy-related initiatives, which will be in ‘other tools’ as they become available,” the Ellen MacArthur Foundation underlined.

Once the reporter of the corresponding company has submitted the details, he or she will be provided with access and a secure link to the survey platform, “along with the unique log-in”. After submitting the required qualitative and quantitative data in the platform, companies would receive a bespoke company scorecard, which features a comprehensive breakdown of their results and an circularity score. “The insights generated in this scorecard help companies identify opportunities to design out waste, keep materials and products in use, and generate environmental benefits.” All data and all the results generated in the scorecard are confidential and will not be shared with third parties.


(GR12020, Page 45, Screenshot: Video “How to take part in Circulytics​”)