Recyclable Fiber Is Finalist for Belgian Innovation Award

Belgian producer of polyolefin fibers Beaulieu Fibres International was nominated for the 2019 essenscia Innovation Award, the most prestigious prize for industrial innovation in Belgium.

The company was named for its recently introduced UltraBond fiber. Formally introduced in early 2019, it is a patented polyolefin bonding staple fiber “that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bond nonwovens,” Beaulieu Fibres International informed. UltraBond would help manufacturers make a significant contribution to the circular economy through the production of 100 percent recyclable carpets. “In addition to making recycled PP available for the plastics production chain and reduced waste generation, their total lack of water usage and reduced energy use result in significant environmental advantages and financial savings. There is also a reduction in the VOC level of the carpet. This all leads to a significant reduction in a needle punch carpet’s ecological footprint to the tune of a 35 percent reduction in CO2 emissions during the full production process.”

(GR 22019, Page 35)