Cross Wrap Oy Offers effortless Solutions for Recycling

Finnish waste bale wrapping machine manufacturer Cross Wrap Oy has been providing automatic bale wrapping machines for over 25 years. The company’s original Cross Wrap bale wrapping method has since become an industry-standard in waste and alternative fuel bale wrapping. Nowadays, Cross Wrap’s machine lineup consists of two bale wrapping machines, one automatic bale opener machine, one bale dewiring machine and a separate machine for wrapping wood-based boards and products. More than 500 Cross Wrap machines in over 55 different countries are in use today.

Automatic Bale Wrappers
Cross Wrap’s bale wrappers, the CW 2200 Bale Wrapper and the CW Direct Bale Wrapper offer effortless operation and high efficiency for recycling and waste industry operators. The CW 2200 Bale Wrapper is usually used in waste bale wrapping lines equipped with channel balers. The CW bale wrappers’ benefits are their high automation and gentle bale conveying operation paired with a highly compact modular structure.

The CW Direct Bale Wrapper’s unique operation wraps the bales without ties. This model is engineered to operate with any two-ram-baler, and it offers an even more compact wrapping line and simple enfolded bale structure, which is especially useful when wrapping SRF or RDF.

Photo: Cross Wrap Ltd.

Automatic Bale Opener
The CW Bale Opener works automatically and with high efficiency. This machine has been adopted by Waste-to-Energy plants and cement mills, where the machine is used to open wrapped alternative fuel bales. This machine offers high-quality operation due to its bale wrap removing automation, which keeps the baled material stream separated from the baling wire and wrap.

Bale Dewiring for efficient and safe recycling
The newest Cross Wrap machine invention is the CW Dewiring machine, which is developed for opening wire tied bales such as recycled plastic and paper bales. This machine has had a great welcome from the plastics recycling industry as well as the paper manufacturing industry. The Bale Dewiring machine has been acquired by many international customers and nominated as one of the recycling machine innovations for the year 2020 by Plastic Recyclers Europe. The CW Dewiring machine improves operation safety and efficiency and lowers the operational costs in recycling.

Get your Cross Wrap deals at IFAT
Cross Wrap Oy has been a veteran exhibitor at IFAT Exhibition, München, Germany. The company can be found at stand 353 in hall B5. There Cross Wrap sales team is happy to introduce interested persons to all Cross Wrap machines and to reveal their benefits for the customer’s process. This year there is also going to be a mobile CW Direct Wrapping machine on display at the Europress stand in the outdoor department of IFAT 2020. Interested parties are invited to contact the Cross Wrap sales team and to book a private appointment for the best Cross Wrap experience.

(GR12020, Page 52 / Advertorial Photo: Cross Wrap Ltd.)