USA: Recycling Market Development Platform

The company More Recycling has launched a Recycling Market Development Platform, which will be available through www.CircularityIn­

The purpose is to illuminate circularity in action and to connect people with tools and resources. “The recycling and composting rate is only 35.2 percent of the total material waste generated in the U.S., according to the latest U.S. EPA stats (2017)”, More Recycling wrote in its press release. “Recycling is not as impactful as simply consuming less or reusing more, but it is a critical step in conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This recycling and compost rate has the potential to fall even lower without large-scale action, especially with the additional challenges we face due to the global pandemic.” Better policy and greater innovation for circularity were needed to overcome the exponential economic imbalance facing the recycling industry.

As emphasized, the new platform is offered for free. More Recycling is supported by the American Chemistry Council as the first Premier Patron of Recycling Market Development Platform.

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