Drive Technology for Saving Energy

Sytronix variable-speed pump drives from Rexroth meet the needs of the recycling industry.

According to the worldwide active provider, the Sytronix variable-speed pump drives for recycling applications are energy-efficient and will significantly increase the energy efficiency of channel balers, scrap shears and scrap presses. Furthermore, these products represent a ready-to-install solution based on proven standard components.

With the modular, standardized Sytronix system, the electric drive system, the frequency converter and the constant or variable displacement pump are combined with other standard components to produce a high-performance unit with low overall costs. Thanks to a wide range of control outputs such as the motor speed and swivel angle, Sytronix achieves optimum efficiency for each cycle. The resulting energy savings reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions, the company assured.

The Sytronix variable-speed pump drives make recycling applications much quieter, more reliable and more energy-efficient (Photo: Bosch Rexroth AG)

“Unlike conventional hydraulic drive systems with a constant energy supply, Sytronix variable-speed drives work according to the ‘energy on demand’ principle,” Bosch Rexroth explained the technique. The power consumption would depend on the current power requirement in the cycle. “As a result, energy can be saved, especially in pressure-holding mode. An optimized switching principle also helps to increase energy efficiency, especially in conjunction with flow-optimized manifolds from Rexroth. These were trimmed for minimal pressure loss with the help of simulations and 3D sand core printing.” Adjustable axial piston pumps would also help to reduce power consumption by controlling the flow via the swivel angle while the electric motor is running in the optimum speed range. Additionally, the variable-speed pump drives would allow downsizing to reduce costs. “Thanks to their overload capacity, a smaller pump is usually able to cope with power peaks when the flow is suddenly raised by increasing the speed,” the provider emphasized.

The modular Sytronix approach opens up numerous new possibilities for machine manufacturers, Bosch Rexroth informed. They would also benefit from the company’s global service and the opportunity to standardize their machines for various target markets. “Sytronix drives can be used anywhere in the world regardless of the mains frequency.”

(GR32020, Page 41, Photo: Bosch Rexroth AG)